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Your last love
Is the most terrifying
But my last love is gentle
Sweet, kind, respectful
he terrifies me with how
Calm I feel around his body
Tangled within the heat of our desires

I'm terrified when he stays
Terrified he'll leave me
Or terrified of the life we could lead
Terrified because
What if my last love
If my last love is still wandering the earth
Or maybe he's already found
Found his home with me
His last love in me

My last love is terrifying
Because I never want to change
Because maybe I'm finally home
Love is Terrifying
Another poem from my creative writing class. Based on the line "Your last love is the most terrifying."
Hearts don't get broken
they get bruised and get better
You can't shatter me
Like you're the bull running
Through my shop of fine china

My heart will not fall apart
But with each tear in the fragile
muscle it grows stronger
Learning with each struggle
How to love again
Bruising Never Lasts
Written in my creative writing class. We listened to spoken word poets, had to pick a line that moved us, and write a poem with it. The line I picked was "Hearts don't get broken, they get bruised and get better."
Soooo much stuff going on lately. First off, I didn't get into veterinary school this round. However, my two closest friends have gotten accepted, and I am super proud of them! 

But yes, I get to complete a senior year of college. Shit, I'm gonna be a senior. I'm also looking for an apartment, because I do not want a twin bed anymore. I'm sick and tired of twin bedding it. Plus, my mattress is uncomfortable compared to real mattresses. And then in the fall I will reapply to vet schools (aka more than one) and give this thing another shot. If I can't get in, I have nooo freaking clue what to do next...

This Monday, I woke up with the suuuckiest cold ever! Headache, sore throat, nausea, body aches. I left my 8.30 class and went home to sleep for a good four hours (on and off). But today I am feeling better (aka, just sore throat and stuffy nose). I've been drowning myself in Day/Nyquil because I must must muuuuuust get better for this weekend! Finally going to see the bf after a good month and a half of seeing him last. Not being able to see him drives me crazy, and I know I'll be crazy nervous until I can see him on Friday night. GASHGDSKLGHSDJHGFJA;GJHFDJSK;HGJLDHSGFSD;JG;FALJG;F Friday needs to be here right meow. 
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